Reconnect with each other. Rediscover your love.

The Hold Me Tight® Relationship Enhancement Workshop guides couples through seven essential conversations for creating a strong and securely bonded relationship.  Based upon the theory of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Hold Me Tight® helps couples identify negative patterns of interactions that increase conflict and disconnection and helps couple have conversations that increase emotional safety and security in their relationship.  


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The Conversations to Rekindle Your Romance

Conversation One:

Recognizing the Demon Dialogues ~ this conversation helps couples begin to see each other in a new way. Recognizing Demon Dialogues helps couple begin to identify the moves they make in an attempt to prevent disconnection. In the process, couples stop seeing each other as the enemy and instead, allies.

Conversation Two:

Finding the Raw Spots ~ the next conversation helps couples to begin to identify the cue that activate attachment fears. In addition, this conversation helps the couple be able to reflect on how these attachment fears developed in past relationships and past experiences.

Conversation Three:

Revisiting a Rocky Moment ~ this conversation helps couples integrate the first two conversations and allows the couple to reestablish safety. The couple also has the opportunity to begin to repair rifts from past interactions that will help couples feel connected and together instead disconnected and alone.


Conversation Four:

Forgiving Injuries and Trusting Again ~ couples engaging in this conversation will learn how to work toward repair for situations where partners were emotionally wounded. Each partner gets the opportunity to formulate the kind of conversation or apology they would have liked to have had when they were wounded by a loved one.

Conversation Five:

Hold Me Tight® ~ this conversation is the most connecting conversation in the workshop. Each partner has the opportunity to experience emotional accessibility, responsiveness and engagement from their partner. This conversation continues to build emotional safety within the relationship.

Conversation Six:

Bonding Through Sex and Touch ~ you and your partner will get the opportunity to talk about sex in a way you may never have been able to before. With the safety that was created through earlier conversations, you and your partner will be able to further create the emotional connection leads to great sex.


Conversation Seven:

Keeping Your Love Alive ~ in this final conversation, you and your partner will create a plan to continue to keep love alive as you continue your life together.